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  • Our mission is to provide the finest types of wood from all over the world, meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers in various fields, and cover the requirements of the Egyptian market in general.

  • Al-Hamd Company is always keen to lead the Egyptian market and the Middle East by importing the best types of natural wood from all over the world.

  • Al-Hamd Company is considered one of the first companies to import natural wood, as the company seeks to fully cover the Egyptian market, the Middle East, and Africa.


  • Our vision and our goal has always been to provide the best types of natural wood to the Egyptian market and to facilitate the process of buying and shopping without burdening the consumer.

  • The company always provides a visit to our stores and shows the consumer all types of wood available to us and also provides an easy and enjoyable buying experience with a team of specialists.

  • Our team is always keen to nominate the best manufacturers who have extensive experience in dealing with the best types of wood to ensure that you get a high end product with the highest quality standards.

Al Hamad Wood Company

Al Hamd Wood Company was established in 1980 as an importer of the finest natural woods.

The company is considered one of the most important leaders in the Egyptian market in the field of importing high-quality wood and supplying it to major factories, furniture factories and construction companies in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Libya and the Middle East.